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Spend the day with Dr. Katie Robertson and explore the rain forest by literally walking on top of the trees. Be apart of her team and encounter new life forms that have evolved entirely in the upper canopy.

**Spoiler Alert** - We have on good authority that Dr. Robertson may have found a new species. Come to ECO-ONE and be one of the first to witness this amazing discovery!

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Board our aerial tram and journey on a fascinating excursion through the rain forest canopy and it's hanging gardens of plants and animals hidden at the tops of tall tropical trees. You never know what might be out there watching and waiting, and waiting, and waiting....

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Ziplining through the upper canopy, 80 feet above the jungle floor. Each of our 20 crossings gets longer and more exciting as guests progess through the tour. And don't worry if a little friend, such as a sloth suddently joins you. The whole point is to get up close and personal with the rainforest. Right?
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Come enjoy a stroll through the most life filled forest on the planet. We have over 72 miles of hiking trails, or if you want to walk on the wild side, cross a few of our 27 hanging bridges. Perhaps you may see some of the local Cabecar Indians, or their remains...

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Take the plunge and dive into pristine waters at Xactalan Falls. Just a short two mile hike from the main lodge. Nature doesn't get any better than this. (Swimsuits optional - Tuesdays and Wednesdays...ooh la la!)
No lifeguards on duty, so please swim with caution...extreme caution.

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We are currently suspending our white water rafting operation after losing our raft guide.
If you would like to apply for the position, please send us your resume. Must speak English and Spanish, and have experience with jungle predators.

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We hope you enjoyed your tour of ECO-ONE Resort.
It has been our pleasure to give you a glimpse of our ecological tropical paradise, and what
you can expect to see when you visit.
ECO-ONE is a place you will be dying to come back to...if you ever leave.

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