Welcome to ECO-ONE Resort!

  ECO-ONE is the brainchild of charismatic entrepreneur, Travis McMann. Not only is this the world's most secluded resort, we are also the only government sanctioned research facility exploring the vast medicinal and biological resources found only in the rainforest.

Your journey begins when you board a customized airship that transports you on a low level tour over the jungle. You will literally be skimming over an emerald sea full of undiscovered life.  
  When you arrive, Bianca our lovely resort manager will greet you with one of our delectable cocktails. You will then be given a quick tour of our facilities before we show you to your own personal tree house, where you can unwind from your journey.


Tree House Accommodations
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The Crow's Nest, our highest suite at
Experience five star resort treatment while
living amongst the wild life of the upper canopy.
A luxurious bed to rest after an exciting day of exploring.

  Once you have rested, you will find a wonderful gourmet buffet dinner awaiting you in the Pavilion that Eberto, our resident Cordon Bleu Chef, bartender, and Animal Control Assistant has prepared for our guests. And he does it all with a smile.  
  After dinner and drinks, you can stroll back to your tree house and sit out on your spacious porch and enjoy observing the nocturnal creatures and screams of the rainforest.


A bit afraid of your first visit to the jungle? You needn't worry about your safety here at ECO-ONE. Our Head of Security, Victor Castaneda, is very experienced in 'taking care' of unwanted intruders. With his extensive background in cracking down on anti-government protestors and drug cartel suspects, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you will wake up the next day to explore this tropical paradise.  

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